Bisley A3 Multidrawers
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  1. Bisley A3 6 drawer mulitdrawer H67 W 35 D 43.2cm 112-vibrant
    From £166.80 £139.00
  2. Bisley A3 9 drawer mulitdrawer H94 W 35 D 43.2cm 114-vibrant
    From £192.00 £160.00
  3. Bisley A3 10 drawer mulitdrawer H67 W 35 D 43.2cm 116-vibrant
    From £205.20 £171.00
  4. Bisley A3 15 drawer mulitdrawer H94 W 35 D 43.2cm 118-vibrant
    From £217.20 £181.00
Grid List

5 Items

A3 Multidrawers steel filing solutions in A3 format.

All supplied with contrasting black plinth.

We can supply Bisley A3 multidrawer cabinets in the full Bisley range, so if you do not see what you are looking for contact us.

Bisley Direct Neat Storage solutions

A3 6 Drawer multidrawer 112

A3 9 Drawer multidrawer 114

A3 10 Drawer Multidrawer 116

A3 15 Drawer multidrawer 118


Choose from the following colours :

 Ebonium offer a wide range of bBisleymetal storage and filing cabinets for home and office use 

  • Chalk by Bisley
  • White by Bisley
  • Light Grey by Bisley
  • Goose Grey by Bisley
  • Anthracite by Bisley
  • Black by Bisley
  • Silver by Bisley
  • Azure Blue by Bisley
  • Dark Blue (oxford) by Bisley
  • Fuschia Pink by Bisley
  • Cardinal Red by Bisley
  • Cream by Bisley
  • Coffee by Bisley
  • Coffee Cream by Bisley
  • Mimosa Green by Bisley
  • Canary Yellow by Bisley
  • Mandarin Orange by Bisley