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120cm Wide Accessories
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9 Items

Grid List

9 Items

Bisley Lateral File Accessories for 120cm Tambours

BIT08RSPS Roll-out shelf
BIT10RSPS Roll-out shelf
BIT12RSPS Roll-out shelf
BIT08SSPDPS:T5 Slotted shelf 
BIT10SSPDPS:T5 Slotted shelf
BIT12SSPDPS:T5 Slotted shelf
BIT08SSUPDPS:T5 Slotted shelf with undershelf filing
BIT10SSUPDPS:T5 Slotted shelf with undershelf filing
BIT12SSUPDPS:T5 Slotted shelf with undershelf filing
SHDV65P5PS Plastic shelf dividers (5 pack)
PGNHLESET Pigeon hole set (5 plastic dividers, 8 plastic intermediate shelves & 4 plastic back plates - slotted shlf not included)
BIT08BSPS:T5 Shelf 32mm
BIT10BSPS:T5 Shelf 32mm
BIT12BSPS:T5 Shelf 32mm
BIT08BSUPS Shelf with undershelf filing (adjustable)
BIT10BSUPS Shelf with undershelf filing (adjustable)
BIT12BSUPS Shelf with undershelf filing (adjustable)
BIT08CRPS Coat rail - front to back with  shelf
BIT10CRPS Coat rail - front to back with  shelf
BIT12CRPS Coat rail - front to back with  shelf
BIT08LRPS Lateral rail 
BIT10LRPS Lateral rail 
BIT12LRPS Lateral rail 
BITCRPS Cross rails for front to back suspension filing
BIT08RFAPS Roll-out filing frame
BIT10RFAPS Roll-out filing frame
BIT12RFAPS Roll-out filing frame
BIT08RDAPS Roll-out 4" drawer
BIT10RDAPS Roll-out 4" drawer
BIT12RDAPS Roll-out 4" drawer
BIAD4P3PS 4" drawer dividers (3 pack)
BIACB10PS Counterbalance*
MSDIV431P2 Steel shelf dividers (clip on design)