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100cm Wide Combination Units
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6 Items

  1. Bisley system file combination unit 2 x 30 inch doors and 3 drawers H 180 W 100 D 47 cm SYC10/30D/3-
    From £862.80 £719.00
  2. Bisley system file combination unit 2 x 36 inch doors and 3 drawers H 196 W 100 D 47 cm SYC10/36D/3-
    From £918.00 £765.00
  3. Bisley system file combination unit 1 flipper and 3 drawers H 142 W 100 D 47 cm SYC10/43/1/3-
    From £888.00 £740.00
  4. Bisley system file combination unit 2 flippers and 3 drawers H 165 W 100 D 47 cm SYC10/50/2/3-
    From £918.00 £765.00
  5. Bisley system file sider filer 4 drawers H 131 W 100 D 47 cm SYC10/2/3-
    From £856.80 £714.00
  6. Bisley system file combination unit 2 x silver tambour doors and 3 drawers H 180 W 100 D 47 cm SYC10/30T.SL-
    From £918.00 £765.00
Grid List

6 Items

Bisley Essential and System File 100cm Combination Range

Our new Essentials and System File range is exactly that. A group of core products that no office can function without. Cupboards, tambours, lodges, drawers, desk high storage and combination units.


This select portfolio has allowed us to take the complexity out of specifying your perfect workspace. A much simpler range not only means a tighter product family but also specific finishes and sizes. With Essentials what you see is what you get. Affordable, high quality storage to suit your needs.


  • All units are 470mm deep and have been designed to fit A4 binders, lateral and suspension filing
  • Available in 7 of Bisley’s most popular colours:
  • Goose grey (av4),
  • Traffic white (ba5),
  • Black (av1),
  • Silver (arn),
  • Anthracite grey (aa3),
  • Light grey (av7) and
  • Chalk white   (ab9)
  • Tambour shutters available in Silver (.SL), Chalk (.EW), Light grey (.1), Dark grey (.9) and Black   (.5)
  • Essentials products come with the appropriate number of shelves where applicable
  • All units will have Lowe and Fletcher AB series and  locks
  • 5-year standard warranty and full after sale customer service
  • Bisley branded units as standard


Bisley Combination High Units

  • Available in two widths 800mm and 1000mm
  • The perfect combination of filing and personal space
  • Available in 3 heights
  • Available in different door and drawer combinations
  • All units come with levelling feet allowing 15mm adjustment

Why choose combination units?

Sometimes a mixture of doors and drawers is useful allowing for different hanging suspension or folder lever arch files.

Where space is at a premium these flexible storage combination units are useful 

Available in a wide range of filing combination solutions there is only one place to buy