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  1. Bisley Basics Trexus budget 2 drawer filing cabinet H 71 W 47 D 62cm CC2H1A-
    From £132.00 £110.00
  2. Bisley Contract Basic Filing Cabinet 2 drawers H 71 W 47 D 62 cm AOC2-
    From £144.00 £120.00
  3. Bisley BS2E Flush Front Filing Cabinets 2 drawer H 71 W 47 D 62 cm 1623-
    From £204.00 £170.00
  4. Bisley BS2C Classic Front Filing Cabinets 2 drawer H 71 W 47 D 62 cm 162-
    From £270.00 £225.00
  5. Bisley BS2E Medical/Patient Record Flush Front Filing Cabinets 2 drawer H 71 W 47 D 62 cm 1623PR
    From £300.00 £250.00
  6. Bisley A4 2 drawer Basic Filing Cabinet H 71 W 41 D 62 cm A4-IPCCA12-
    From £144.00 £120.00
  7. Bisley F Series 2 drawer filing cabinet Classic Front H 71 W 47 D 47cm 046-
    From £300.00 £250.00
  8. Bisley F Series 2 drawer filing cabinet Flush Front H 71 W 47 D 47cm 0463-
    From £300.00 £250.00
  9. Bisley Essential Side filer with 2 drawers H 70 W 80 D 47cm YESF0807-
    From £504.00 £420.00
  10. Bisley Essentials Side filer with 2 drawers H 70 W 100 D 47cm YESF1007-
    From £540.00 £450.00
  11. Bisley System filer 2 drawer side filer H 71 W 80 D 47 cm SYC08/0/2-vibrant
    From £564.00 £470.00
  12. Bisley system file sider filer 2 drawers H 71 W 100 D 47 cm SYC10/0/2-pastel
    From £636.00 £530.00
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 19

Drawer and Filing Cabinets

The range of Bisley furniture online steel filing cabinets is available from our online shop and store in a variety of Bisley Office Furniture colours suitable for Soho (small home office) or business use office environments.  

Bisley steel filing cabinets are sturdy and environmentally manufactured from recycled steel in the UK.

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation compliant locking filing and storage cabinets

Choose from the following Bisley online shop products:


All products are manufactured in the UK and are rigorously tested and come with a Bisley Manufacturers Guarantee.

Bisley Direct are pleased to offer the full range of Bisley online furniture metal filing cabinets including, Bisley AOC Filing Cabinets, Bisley Trexus filing cabinets, Bisley Card Filing Cabinets, Bisley F series Classic and Flush Front filing cabinets, Bisley BS cabinets, Bisley Media storage cabinets and Bisley Side Filers.  Use Bisley steel filing cabinet solutions for the home, office, warehouse or public sector environment from our online shop and store

Ranges include



All Bisley Filing cabinets and furniture come with a Bisley manufacturers guarantee and are built to last.

With the widest range of Bisley online and shop filing cabinets and steel storage solutions the metal filing cabinet is the premium and discerning choice. Bisley-shop-online.

Bisley Direct offer the largest range of Bisley filing cabinets online, so buy now to save disappointment. All deliveries of our Bisley Filing cabinets are with our two man teams to ensure that you get the right service to compliment buying a Bisley furniture cabinet.

Ebonium supply all ranges of the filing cabinet range online form our store and shop in metal and you can choose from the classic to the contemporary ranges of Bisley storage solutions in steel. No matter where you need storage Bisley Direct have a Bisley furniture filing cabinet to suit your needs. If you need colourful home storage or a neutral office solution for filing A4, foolscap or cards we can assist.

Contact our Customer Services Team for free impartial advice on our range of Bisley Filing Cabinets.

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