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Organising Bisley Filing Cabinets

How to Organise your filing cabinet

Filing should be simple and easy, so planning ahead is crucial.

We have lots of different Filing cabinets on our websites and  and have a solution to most filing or storage requirements

Having sold thousands of cabinets we have put together of some of the most common chsallenges customers have when trying to file, we hope that you find this useful

  1. Make a list of the files you think need before you start, that way you can check to make sure you do not miss anything
  2. Make a note your cabinet key numbers and keep it in a safe place we can supply rpelacement keys if required 
  3. Create a filing system that is easy to use, the whole point of filing is to make things simple and less stress-full than lots of papers lying around
  4. Use Files of different colours or tabs to make it easier to navigate and find what you are looking for
  5. Ensure your cabinet is a good quality one, files can be heavier and larger than you expect and make sure that the drawer takes lots of weight. Some drawers on budget cabinets only open 80% of the way and use cheap slides so they are not as robust as more expensive ones!
  6. Decide on Foolscap or A4 filing In the UK we use A4 paper so if you buy an A4 filing cabinet there is little “spare” room to file. Foolscap is more common and is a wider format so you can put your A4 papers into document wallets and larger files    
  7. Keep important documents in a safe place with easy access.
  8. Whilst organising your filing use “useful” titles without being over specific. Use broad categories for filing:
    • Utilities                      Water Gas Electrcity
    • Car Documents
    • Insurance                   House, Car
    • Pets
    • Medical Information   Insurance NI numbers
    • Home                         Mortgage  Deeds  lease
    • Tax                            Tax retruns
    • Bank                          Statements Loans
    • Credit Card
    • Passport
    • Will
    • Try not to use Miscellaneous for items as we all forget what these are!
  9. A standard drawer 62 cm deep will hold about 30 suspension files but if you overfill the files then finding documents becomes difficult as they become compressed
  10. File regularly, if you file your papers on a regular basis it doesn’t take long and become a chore
  11. Clear out old files and take the time to do this properly don't forget to shred documents
  12. Do not be afraid to get rid of old files, will you actually need the item in the future?
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