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Bisley Be Drawer Cabinets
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  1. BH08071028NP Bisley Be Cabinet with Drawer
    £900.00 £750.00
    Bisley Be BH08071028NP Two 342mm (13.5") drawers
  2. BH08111103NP Bisley Be Cabinet with Drawer
    £975.60 £813.00
    Bisley Be BH08111103NP Two 342mm (13.5") drawers & open space
  3. BH08071035NP Bisley Be Cabinet with Drawer
    £1,012.80 £844.00
    Bisley Be BH08071035NP One 342mm (13.5"), one 190mm (7.5") & one 152mm (6") drawer
  4. BH08111110NP Bisley Be Cabinet with Drawer & Shelf
    £1,088.40 £907.00
    Bisley Be BH08111110NP One 342mm (13.5"), one 190mm (7.5"), one 152mm (6") drawer & open space
  5. BH08141264NP Bisley Be Cabinet with Drawer & Shelf
    £1,101.60 £918.00
    Bisley Be BH08141264NP Two 342mm (13.5") drawers & two magazine shelves
  6. BH08141288NP Bisley Be Cabinet with Drawer & Cupboard & Shelf
    £1,426.80 £1,189.00
    Bisley Be BH08141288NP Two 342mm (13.5") drawers & two 760mm (29.9") cupboard doors with one shelf
  7. BH08141189NP Bisley Be Cabinet with Drawer & Sliding Door
    £1,455.60 £1,213.00
    Bisley Be BH08141189NP Two 342mm (13.5") drawers, open space & two 380mm (15") sliding doors
  8. BH08181356NP Bisley Be Cabinet with Drawer and Lodge
    £1,843.20 £1,536.00
    Bisley Be BH08181356NP Two 342mm (13.5") drawers & six 380mm (15") lodge doors
Grid List

8 Items

Set Descending Direction

Welcome to Bisley Directs Be Product Range

This range by Bisley is designed to Be a creative, integrated furniture and storage solution that connects people and the workspace in the home or office, creating environments that inspire performance. Perfectly suited for creating subtle space areas. The range is designed to Be supportive in multiple workplaces. This assists in collaboration or working areas and break out locations.

To make creating an ideal workspace surprisingly simple, Be has been designed to put together a collection of the most popular choices that allow you to select a range of pre-designed elements. The individual units allow customers to pick exactly what they need. Bisley understands storage and creates perfect combinations for a diverse but well-connected workspace. Designed to combine a better work environment with creative storage and display solutions, Bisley Be adapts to the needs of the modern workforce.

One of the best ways to inspire a sense of belonging in the workplace is through the creative use of storage and working environments. Staff work well in dynamic well though locations and with Bisley’s range of products it is easy to create a natural work space with practical storage and personal solutions, giving all your staff and yourself that, a permanent, mobile or random area with a sense of control, peace of mind and belonging while at work.

Bisley Bew

Desirable working space combined with everyday storage requirements.

Bisley Be helps in the ever-changing office landscape, and with the recent Covid 19 experience the pace will only increase as home working becomes more acceptable and working ethics change.

With Height Adjustable desks and personal space becoming more important Bisley Be fits the dynamic between office and home, allow you to inspire and enthuse staff and colleagues.

Work is meeting home environments and home environments are coming into the office, whilst Be allows for social engagement it also allows for creating zones to reflect and refocus. The workspace needs to adapt to a more agile way of working. Inspired by the need for a versatile, open working environment.

Be’s adaptable, the flexible approach gives you the choice to decide how you want to work, by helping you define what fits your organisation. In maximising every square metre of our product through the provision of storage, security, and power, Be enables effective working and encourages collaboration.

Bisley Be

Be is a beautifully crafted, highly customisable system, which allows you to create uplifting spaces that naturally brings people together and enhances the working environment. With a combination of steel and wood finished textures are brought to the fore

With optional power sources cables are hidden and with our wooden wraps steel furniture becomes more tactile and looks fabulous in every home or office

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