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Multidrawers  OR  Drawers  OR  Cupboards


Lockers  OR  Personal Space Lodge lockers  OR  Desk storage pedestals


 Specialist Storage  OR  Combination (drawers and Cupboards)  OR  Card Filing



































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 Non Locking  OR  Multidrawer A3 size



Fast Delivery Multidrawers

Small Storage Solutions in a range of fabulous colours, only non-locking available.

Multidrawers are avialble in 3, 5,6,8,9 and 15 drawer size

Click on the image for the range you want















































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Free Standing Drawer Filing  OR  Side Filers  OR  Under Desk Drawer Filing


Home Filers slightly smaller ideal for Home filing 


 Drawer storage cabinets are available in Foolscap or A4 suspension sizes.

Free standing range includes 2, 3, 4, or 5 Drawer cabinets.

Side Filers includes 2, 3, or 4 Drawer cabinets.

Under Desk (pedestals) include 2 or 3 Drawer filing and storage Drawers.

F Series are an ideal solution for Home Filing in 2, 4 or 6 Drawer sizes.















































Number Of Drawers

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2 Drawers Metal  OR  3 Drawers Metal  OR  4 Drawers Metal



5 Drawer Metal  OR  A3 Jumbo Storage  OR  Secure Storage



Fast track delivery 


 Filing Cabinets available in A4, Foolscap and A3 storage formats


 Available in Metal or Wood Filing cabinets

Security Cabinets are available



































Number Of Drawers

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2 Filing Drawer Metal  OR  1 Filing 1 storage  Drawer Metal   OR  2 storage 1 filing pedestal metal


F Series cabinets  OR  Tower Pedestals   OR  Executive Bite Pedestals

 Under Desk Storage or Pedestal filing and storage.  

Metal Pedestals available in different height and width options

Wooden Pedestals Avaialble in different height and width options

2 or 3 drawer versions available





























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METAL                                            METAL

With Doors OR  Tambour cupboards



Cupboards in metal from budget to standard and executive ranges

Two door metal cupboards with multi point locking

Tambours SOT (Side opening Tambour)

































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Budget 2 door cupboards  OR  2 Door Standard Cupboards  OR  Executive Cupboards


 Fast Delivery Cupboards


 Metal two door Cupboards are available in three different levels

Budget Cupboards available in 4 colours and are 90 to 91cm wide and 40 to 43cm deep in 3 heights also known as Stationery Cupboards

Standard Cupboards are available in a range of widths and 7 height options with a large range of internal accessories

Executive System File or Freedom Cupboards have a wide range of colour options heights and widths

































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Available in Two depths 43cm (A4) box file size and 47cm  (Foolscap) box file size

Euro-tambours are Listed below and are 43cm Deep


80 cm Wide Metal Tambour  OR  100 cm Wide Metal tambour  OR  120 cm Wide Metal tambour


 Standard Tambours are Listed below and are 47cm Deep


Standard Tambour 47cm Deep 80cm wide   OR  Standard Tambour 47cm Deep 100cm wide  OR  Standard Tambour 47cm Deep 120cm wide


Fast Delivery Tambours

 Tambours are cupboards with shutters that open side to side hence they are called SOT (Side opening tambours)

Available in two depths 43cm for A4 file storage and great for shallow space areas

47cm are available in standard and executive ranges

A range of internal accessories are available for the products contact us for more info




































Lodge & Lockers

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CLK Lockers  OR  Monobloc  OR  Lodge


 Fast Delivery Lockers


Choose from our great range of lockers and personal storage space

Budget Contract lockers in great colours

Monobloc lockers for long runs and ideal for schools and warehouses

Personal space with lodge lockers

Wall storage solutions are built in storage designed for for all offices

































Specialist Storage

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Card filers  OR   CD/DVD Storage  OR  Card Index Filers


 Plan Files


 Specialist Storage solutions 

Card filing cabinets for Patient records A5 A6 or A7 size (cabinets hold 20,000 cards plus)

Plan files for large format A0 or A1 paper sizes

Card Index for small patient record storage A5 A6 andf A7 sizes 

CD Storage and Video cabinets


































































































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Side Filers 800 Drawers  OR  Side Filers 1000mm Drawers


Side Fiers are designed for foolscap side to side or A4 front to back filing

1000mm wide Side filers will take foolscap front to Back filing

Available in 2, 3 or 4 Drawer sizes

Available in Wood and Steel metal finishes and a great range of colours










































Home Office Storage

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Multidrawers  OR  Home PFA  OR  F-Series


Pedestals  OR  Home Chairs  OR  Basics