Made in Britain

There are numerous storage solutions available in the market place supplied from all around the world. It is often easier just to buy the cheapest items available.

  • But do you know what you are getting?

  • Do you know where it comes from? 

With Bisley Office Furniture products you don't compromise on quality, design finish or flexibility.

You are buying a world renowned British manufactured product.



Bisley-factory-picture-1Bisley Office Furniture focus on making simply the best storage solutions in Britain

Bisley-factory-picture-2 All the products are hand finished and go through a rigorous inspection process

Bisley-factory-picture-3 The production facilities employ skilled staff with industry leading processes


Bisley is the largest manufacturer of steel office furniture in the U.K. and one of the largest in the European Union, providing world class products at sensible prices.  All units come with a minimum 5 year manufactured warranty from a British company (see the guarantee section for details). For full details on the Bisley Office Furniture product range visit their website at


ebonium are proud to trade with Bisley and know that only an industry leading service supports the delivery of products.

In today's world, ebonium recognise that we are told that everything ordered should be immediately available. However, this has a huge impact on our environment and our service reflects the need to be responsible yet customer focussed. Our delivery service is geared to ensure wasted mileage and duplicate movements are reduced without compromising quality. We offer free delivery on most items as we know that this service is right and customer focussed.

Sometimes it's worth the wait for the right quality.

Thank you for buying from ebonium.