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Bisley Card Index Cabinets.

Small but perfectly organised

Available in a great choice of colours and as locking or non-locking.

The Range includes

  • Single Drawer
  • Double Drawer
  • Locking or
  • Non-Locking
  • Cabinets can be linked together easily

Make a Feature of your storage and mix colours and or drawers

Available in:

  • A5, A6 and A7 paper formats

Full list of products codes:

  • 128/A7HS   FCB13-cardindex for A7 (5x3inch) cards single drawer
  • 129/A6HS   FCB14-cardindex for A6 (6x4inch) cards single drawer
  • 130/A5HS   FCB15-cardindex for A5 (8x5inch) cards single drawer
  • 131/A7HS   FCB13-cardindex for A7 (5x3inch) cards two drawer
  • 132/A6HS   FCB14-cardindex for A6 (6x4inch) cards two drawer
  • 133/A5HS   FCB15-cardindex for A5 (8x5inch) cards two drawer

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