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Organising your workspace


 Tidying Up Your Workspace


Many people choose tidying and organising home offices as one of their new years resolutions.Below are just a few products which we believe are essential for getting your filing in order.



Bisley AOC/Trexus Ranges




 Bisley AOC


The Bisley AOC Flush Front contract filing cabinets are strong, attractive and safe. The ideal choice for any office.


They are part of the Bisley Fast Track range of products and are available in a limited range of textured finishes:



Goose Grey

Coffee Cream


 Trexus (CC) Range


Trexus Storage  


The contract filing cabinet range is affordable and durable. Sometimes called Trexus the range is available in 2 drawer, 3 drawer or 4 drawer versions for foolscap filing.


Like the AOC they are part of the Bisley Fast Track range of products and are available in a limited range of textured finishes:



Goose Grey

Coffee Cream



Bisley Essentials Range




Essentials Tambours 




Bisley Essentials



                 The essential products are avalible in three widths and seven different colours.












Essentials Colours 


The new Essentials range is exactly that. A group of core products that no office can function without.

A much simpler range not only means a tighter product family but also specific finishes and sizes.


With Essentials what you see is what you get. Affordable, high quality storage to suit your needs.


All Bisley essentials  units are 470mm deep and have been designed to fit A4 binders, lateral and suspension filing.


Thank you for reading this blog. If you want to view any of the products mentioned please click on the links below!


Product Ranges


Bisley AOC Range


Bisley CC (Trexus) Range


Bisley Essentials


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 Announcements Blog


Bisley Announcement Blog


So what’s changing in our world this year?


Clearly the proliferation of products has given customers more choice for storage but at what cost? The greater choice of colours and combinations of different solutions means that cupboards need drawers, filing cabinets cross over to small storage units and customers have even more choice. 


With Brexit in mind and higher costs due to exchange rate spikes, we can see manufacturers changing prices to keep up their level of investment. With steel prices forecast to rise no doubt changes will soon come and perhaps more than we anticipate.


Over the last 18 months we have seen a number of products removed by the manufacturer as this simplification process continues.



The following products have been replaced by the Bisley essentials range:


AST Tambours


AST Tambours


 CST Tambours


CST Tambours


Side Filers


Side Filers


Standard Two Door Cupboards


Standard 2 Door Cupboards


See the Bisley essentials range


The Following products have been discontinued:


Media Storage Cabinets


Media Storage Cabinets


Single Door Small Cupboards


Single Door Small Cupboards


Wave Pedestals


Wave Pedestals


Add to this the acronyms and names of products that customers don’t necessarily comprehend and the mix is complete. However here at Biseydirect we have tried to break through the confusion and create a simple guide to help you choose products. 


Over the next year we anticipate further reductions in products and consolidation of the core offering for customers as manufacturers try to mitigate cost prices with reduced product ranges. These may well help customers as the core range is available at great value prices with limited colours and premium products in a wide range of colours and dimensions.


We don’t profess to have all the answers but take a look at our product selection tool as we have tried to simplify your options and help customers make the right choice.


See our Buying Guide


Prices will rise by approximately 5% in January and depending on exchange rates and the effects of Brexit we may see further increases during the year.


Whether you work in a large facility, small office or at home we have products to suit your needs

For large projects contact us.



MD BisleyDirect


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Bisley Stage

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Bisley Stage Blog



Stage is a highly adaptable furniture system that fits into offices and even homes. Stage delivers style, colour and utility to the workplace. Meaning everybody can find a use for Bisley Stage.


Constructed from aluminium and timber, Stage is available in a variety of options that can be tailored to suit your needs.


Stage by Bisley is easily customised and its components can be shared, removed or added to create different configurations or colour combinations.



Easy Assemply


All starter frame packs come complete with the following:


- a fitting kit


 - assembly instructions


- essential tools such as an allen key/screwdriver



-  The timber panels are from made high-density, low-formaldehyde, 70% FSC-certified melamine-faced chipboard



- Box sides, backs and sliding doors are powder-coated steel



  - All fittings are metal-to-metal ensuring solid construction and reliable reassembly or reconfiguration



 - All components are manufactured to the highest standards with sustainability in mind and everything is sourced from within the EU



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 To see the range- CLICK HERE































































































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Bisley Essentials

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Bisley essentials Blog Post


The Bisley essentials range is made up by a small essential group of products that no office can operate without.This includes Cupboards, tambours, lodges, drawers, desk high storage and combination units.

Bisley Essentials Blog


A simpler range means a smaller product group but also specific finishes and sizes. With essentials you get affordable high quality storage that suits your needs.

Features and benefits:

  • Multiple cabinet heights and widths enable optimum configurations

  • All units are 470mm deep and have been designed to fit A4 binders lateral and suspension filing

  • Available in 7 of Bisley’s most popular colours

  • Essentials products come with appropriate number of shelves where applicable

  • All units have height adjustable feet

  • Guarantee (years): 5

  • Key information: AB series, 500 differs, AB500-AB999, mastered


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See the Bisley essentials product range







































































































Organise your home or office

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organise your home or office



Here are a few products in which you could use to make your home or office more organised.


Bisley Multidrawers


The Bisley multidrawers are the perfect solution for small office and home storage. With the largest selection of Bisley Home Multidrawers, available without a plinth. With seven different configurations and available with a wide selection of plastic insert trays.


Bisley Multidrawers


F-Series Cabinets


These filing cabinets are ideal for small office and home filing solutions.

With a choice of  2, 4 and 6 drawer versions these fabulous cabinets can store just about anything. Optional insert trays and file bars for A4 filing




Bisley Note Pedestals


The Bisley Note pedestal is a range of stylish and strong Bisley under desk storage  pedestals featuring all the qualities you expect from the UK's number one steel storage manufacturer. With a one piece wrap carcase, this Bisley pedestals compliments any home or office environment.


Bisley PFA


Bisley's range of cost effective Home Filing and storage cabinets. Designed for the home and primarily A4 filing and stationery.


Bisley PFA


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 See Oour range of Bisley Multidrawers-


 See our range of Bisley F-series cabinets-


See our range of Bisley Note Pedestals-


See our range of Bisley PFA filing cabinets-




























































































Bisley Keep


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Bisley Keep Blog Post


Here are a few of the products we offer...


Bite Desk Pedestals


Bisley Bite Pedestals

Features include:

-A letter box for receiving mail.

-A lid that opens to reveal a screen that can be customised to suit your needs. From having a bulletin, to your own whiteboard the choice is yours.

-The upper and lower sections are separated enabling you to have them closer to your desk. This provides a more space efficient workplace, and storage immediately to hand.


Bisley Bite Pedestals




Bisley Lodges


- High density storage solution for personal use.

- All units have adjustable feet.

- The Lodge has a large number of internals and accessories. Perfect for configuring it your way.

- For maximum security each locker can be locked independently.


Underdesk Pedestals




Bisley have developed a range of pedestals which can be included into any work space.


- All components are easily interchangeable.

- Robust 'Vertical wrap' and welded steel carcase.

- Interlocking drawers- Only one drawer can be open at a time.

- Optional accessories are also available (Pen trays, letter trays, drawer dividers and counterbalances)


Tower Pedestals


Tower Pedestals



 -Extensive colour palette.

 -Configurations to suit your requirements.

 -Optional work surfaces.

 -The pull-out unit reveals space for filing, desk accessories and any other clutter which needs hiding away


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See the Bisley Keep range-































































































































How to make your own personal desk space

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how to make your own personal desk space


Here at Bisley Direct, we're always looking for ways to help our customers store away in style. In this blog post, we will share with you the products we believe will help you with this!

You can create the perfect desk space to fit your home / office needs.

Look how easy it is to create your own space!

Did you know that here at Bisley Direct, we have a simple way for you to utilise cabinets to make some great storage solutions! The average height of a desk is 71cm and this has been the most comfortable height for many years. Fortunately, we have a great range of products that means creating a desk is not only simple but it's affordable!


By adding one of our fabulous desk tops - 600mm deep and in widths of 1400mm 1600mm or 1800mm. It is simple and easy to create a desk. We chose the 600mm deep desk as it allows space behind the cabinets, so you are able to plug in your PC's monitors and other items.


It's time to spoil yourself with one of our great diddy desk sets!


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See our desk sets- 

















































































































Bisley PFA Home Filer

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 Bisley PFA


Our previous competitions have been for the chance to win a Multidrawer and a Make up storage cabinet but this time, we are giving one lucky follower the chance to win a Bisley PFA Home Filer.




Bisley Direct twitter prize


Bisley Direct twitter prize


Home office storage that's affordable and looks good at the same time is difficult to come by, making the A4 home filer for a real steal! From the outside, the cabinet looks neat and tidy but inside it's capacious interior accommodates a range of filing and storage options!

There are many features and benefits about the PFA, these include:

  • 80% extension drawers

  • Locking

  • Optional pen tray

  • Large label holder

  • Guarantee (years) 1

The PFA Home Filer can be used in a Home Office environment to store personal documents away! This could be all the receipts that you may hoard, bills and other bits of paperwork that you keep telling yourself you're going to sort through! It's lightweight so it's perfect for all of this!


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See our range of Bisley Multidrawers-

See our range of Bisley PFA filing cabinets-




















































































































Best Sellers


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Best selling multidrawers


Ebonium offer a wide range of Bisley steel storage and filing cabinets for home and office use.

Colours available in Bisley cabinets:

Azure Blue
Canary Yellow
Cardinal Red
Coffee Cream
Dark Blue (oxford blue)
Fuchsia Pink
Goose Grey
Light Grey
Mandarin Orange
Mimosa Green


Bisley's 5 Drawer Multidrawer


5 X 51mm High Drawers
The cabinet is:
325mm High
279mm Wide
380mm Deep


 Bisley Multidrawer


Small Bisley storage for home.

The multidrawers are non - locking and the weight is 8kg.

One of Bisley's first ever products, the multidrawers are as popular as ever, their neat design enhanced by a brilliant choice of colours. The brighter, the better for the home environment.

Where better to store stationery or the contents of the home!


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See our range of Bisley Multidrawers-





























































































Creating The Perfect Workplace!

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Bisley BS Filing

Staying organised at work can be difficult but not with Bisley Direct!

Of course, our best selling Multidrawers are perfect for keeping on your desk at work or in a home office. With 17 different colours available, we have one for everyone!

  • Anthracite

  • Azure Blue

  • Black

  • Canary Yellow

  • Cardinal Red

  • Chalk

  • Coffee

  • Coffee Cream

  • Cream

  • Dark Blue

  • Fuchsia Pink

  • Goose Grey

  • Light Grey

  • Mandarin Orange

  • Mimosa Green

  • Silver

  • White

Our Bisley BS Filing Cabinets are built to last with a 7 year manufactures guarantee and one piece carcase.

Bisley BS Filing Cabinets

They're fully welded and double skin drawers fronts.

For foolscap filing, if you need A4 contact us as we have A4 versions available

The range inlcudes:


  • BS2E 2 drawer flush front filing cabinets    711mm high

  • BS3E 3 drawer flush front filing cabinets   1016mm high

  • BS4E 4 drawer flush front filing cabinets   1321mm high

  • BS5E 5 drawer flush front filing cabinets   1511mm high


Cabinets can be bolted together.


Bisley Pedestals


Our desk note storage pedestals are also perfect for having in the office!

The mobile pedestal 2 Stationery and 1 Filing Drawer

The Bisley definitive pedestal with A4 or Foolscap options on drawers


  • A 5 year guarantee

  • 100& drawer opening

  • Optional Drop in Pen tray


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 See our range of Bisley BS Cabinets-


See our range of Bisley Note Pedestals-